Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friday and Saturday Workshop in our studio.

I just finished teaching a 2 day workshop in our studio at our home in Angels Camp.  Had a great model.  Cassidy usually models for the figure workshops and does a fantastic job.    

And joining us, a furry group of students!  They all got along great!

                                        A very quick sketch to gather information on color and value.


  1. great sketch, cute model and that puppy behind her...aww

  2. I really wanted to join you at this workshop, but my schedule didn't allow. I think I will be able to meet you at the Knowlton Gallery this year when you do your show. I've been traveling a lot lately, but when I can I want to do a workshop.
    I might have to wait until I get back into town June 5 to see the show now that I think about it, but if I can I will come to the demo with you and Ray.
    Love the blog Peggy!

  3. I had a blast! So did Theo! I'm glad he has so many faithful furry friends. xo