Sunday, April 7, 2013

Note Cards.

I produced a set of note cards.  I love to send a handwritten message.  It's so important in this day and age of instant messaging, emailing, all the electronic stuff that gets lost or tossed.  It feels good to find something in the mailbox that is not a bill!  And it doesn't at all have to be a long wordsy letter.  I had a friend scold me onetime for not keeping in better touch than I had been.  She said, "it would mean so much to me if you just dropped a note telling me you are thinking of me along with the date."  
That really stuck with me.  

This is a full size image of one of the cards.  I used 8 different images and the box of note cards contains one of each along with 8 envelopes.  I am selling them on our website.
$20 per box

These are the images of the cards. Thanks so much for looking! 

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