Saturday, August 18, 2012


Lovely color harmony!
More color relationship.  Simple and love the shape of the vessel.

                                                            Simple black and white.  

Beautifully stylized figures and wonderful color.

I've posted here and mentioned before that I have been creating ceramic containers and recently found more inspiration for some new pieces.  I hope to use the color and the stylization of these.  You know, I used to just pass by these sections in museums that displayed these art forms and run straight for the paintings. Now that I am using other venues for my creativity I can't get enough of the rooms with the silverware, porcelains, glassware, ceramics, jewelry etc.  Well, I do pass on the knights armor and weaponry sections!  Give me Prada and Alexander McQueen rooms instead.


  1. I always enjoy your blog and it's fun to see that your interest in other art forms is growing. I really like your work in ceramics.

  2. Peggi
    every email I sent to you today was returned. I want to talk to you about a villa in Tuscany.