Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I hope to!

             I love blogs that keep me in touch.  One of my favorites is Elements of Style by Erin Gates.  She posts everyday!! (almost) and not just to post.  She is very funny and candid.  She covers all things beautiful.
             I love beautiful art, homes, land, interiors, comfort, quality in all forms.  One thing I think we can all afford is original art.  I am surfing little nooks and crannies on the web (Etsy) and I am amazed at how much affordable art is available.   You do have to wade through the crap but it's there.
             So here are two images of recent works done in black and white gouache.  I still haven't got my own Etsy up yet, but someday and this is the type of work I hope to offer!  And they won't cost anywhere near my gallery oils and it's ORIGINAL!
              With that said, I do hope to post on a more regular basis.  I am always excited to see what's new!

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