Sunday, September 23, 2012


I talk a lot in my workshops about how important it is to keep sketchbooks.  Don't make it hard!  Have one in your purse with a pen (or european man satchel for you guys).  Have one at your bedside with a pen.  Place one next to where you sit and watch TV, with a pen!  Having a family and all that goes with it AND trying to improve and gain earnest mileage we may only be able to carve out 15 minutes of time for art.  The top sketch was done while my daughters were at gymnastics.

When my husband's hand is frozen on the channel changer and it's NBA, NBA, NBA,  I have a Vogue or Elle (some fashion magazine) and I can keep him company and get in a little more mileage on my drawing.

Sometimes I will just sit with a pile of photos I have taken of our daughters and draw from those.  Hopefully to help keeps my skills in the intuitive department.  And I get painting ideas.

I always had a sketchbook with me at our kids' sporting events.  That's Rex in the middle!  Brings back fun memories!  I always feel a sense of satisfaction that I am able to do both.  Have a wonderful family, be there for them and have my art.  It's possible!

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  1. Thank you for a wonderful post Peggy. I am working on the drawing thing. It can become a habit, and a good one!
    I just returned from Ray's demo in Lodi. It was very good. I have decided to sign up for your workshop in February, so I'll be working on those figure sketches...