Thursday, October 25, 2012

A brief breakdown of process.

So you can see I have my set up with a strong source light.  I begin my drawing usually with a neutral color.  Here is kind of a raw umber.

And I continue with the drawing process until I have the shapes finished.  I am someone who really responds and loves "line".  There are those who go right for the masses and that is also a wonderful way to start.  But for my personality, I love to respond to line. I have no fear of going inside or outside of the line which helps.  Some feel trapped by a line and hence feel more comfortable with adjusting contours of masses.  It's all good. 

I was unhappy with the drawing of the spoon so I wiped it out with a transparent wash of the ground color and redrew the spoon.

Now I begin to mass my shadows in first, helping to set the darks of the painting.

 I continue to develop the shadow shapes and add more information within those darks.  When I feel satisfied with this part I move on to the information illuminated by my source light.  You can see that the spoon is more developed.

Now I put in the ground color, a light pink.  What I love about saving this for last is that I can carve in on the contours of the shapes and adjust where I want to.  A little more information on the cup and saucer and a finished painting.

And another shot of the finished painting and the set up.

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  1. Just found your blog! I'm so excited because I love your work! Will you ever do a workshop in Columbus, Ohio again?