Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Today's effort.

I am writing an instructional book on painting.  It will be fashioned after the way I teach my workshops.  That is "Painting Recipes."  All the information will break down into easy to follow instructions with one goal "out in front."  I approach the information on my DVDs this way as many of you know who have them.  I am really excited about this project and have already created many more lessons.  I am thinking of titling it "Peggi Kroll Roberts' Recipes for painting success" or  "Recipes for Success with your Art." And I am actually going to design the layout so it's sort of like your Betty Crocker Cookbook!     

Today's effort was creating content for the chapter on color.  One of the best ways to begin to familiarize yourself with the potential of your palette is to mix color charts.  These are just two for starters.  This top one is about mixing white with each color on my palette to create tints.  I made these charts on 8" x 10" canvas board and used blue painters tape for the grid.

The one below is starting with my Cadmium Yellow Medium and mixing gradations with all the other colors on my palette.  The palette I worked with here is Titanium White, Cad Yellow Medium, Cad Orange, Cad Red Light, Thalo Rose, Viridian, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Blue and Dioxinine Purple.  Look at the earth tones you get with purple and yellow.  You can eliminate some tube colors from your palette and still have all you need. 


  1. Yah! I think a "Peggi" book is a great idea. I enjoy my DVDs a lot and return to them often for updating. A book would be even better, having everything in one spot with photos. Hope that the project is coming along well and will be waiting:) (no pressure!) LOL!

  2. OMG! The master does these color mixing exercises! How comforting. I'm sporting splints on two fingers and taking a break from painting, but look forward to getting back to it and seeing you and Ray. Thanks for everything. Your painting is in a frame and is still on my dining table.