Saturday, November 23, 2013

Back from Scottsdale.

Every year during November I teach a 5 day workshop for the Scottsdale Artist School.  I was raised in Litchfield Park, Az and later lived in Scottsdale, Az during my early twenties after Art Center and then later in my thirties to raise the kids.  It's going back to my old stomping grounds and seeing old friends.  I love Arizona.  And I love the Scottsdale Artist School.  They run a top notch program and draw an incredible roster of instructors.  I usually teach a figure class, studio and plein aire.  
Below are photos of some of the stuff I bring!  Costumes, teaching tools, paint, equipment.  Lots of stuff.    

This is the class working very hard!  We had a lot of exercises to cover over the week and this group was so receptive to experimenting!  Love that!  There were 13 students and 2 lovely models.

Sometimes I bring 5 boxes of costumes.  We had one fabulous day at a private home with a beautiful pool belonging to one of the participants.  The weather was perfect.  

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