Saturday, November 23, 2013

I WANT one!

Yes, I want one.  Can you imagine?!  Of course we would need a full time crew.  The crew would need to be Air Force trained and looking for a cush job with great benefits and plenty of time for their families.  And then we would have a townhome in Scottsdale and  I would hanger the aircraft at the Scottsdale Airport.  I could say to Ray, "Sweetheart, we need to see the show at the Met in New York but we would have to be back in time to take the kids to Hawaii for Christmas." And then I could say, "Tammi, I will pick you and Chuck and Trevor and Bob and Deb and Bill and Nici up at the Menominee Airport and we are going to Hawaii for two weeks and get you out of that cold Michigan winter!"  
So I guess I need to build an empire a la Martha Stewart, Tom Cruise, or whoever else owns their own plane with crew!!!   So it's just fun to do some crazy creative visualization!  

And if the one above is too much then how about the one below!  Can you imagine!  No more commercial flying going through those stressful TSA lines.  Fully reclining seats.  My own armrests.  Setting your own hours.  A cashmere blanket on each seat.  And, and, and.  I will have to sell a lot of DVDs, paintings, note cards, MVPs, books and what else am I going to have to create?!  Diane Von Furstenburg did amazing things all starting with her signature wrap dress.  It can't be something with food.  I absolutely hate to cook even though my scalloped potatoes and ham is delicious.  And you know what else?!  I would be part of that Angel Flight program donating hours to flying people and animals in need and getting them to where they need to go. 
What fun! 

Scottsdale Airport is where I learned to fly.  I got my pilot's license when I was 19.   I did my Ground School through Arizona State University.  I took all my check rides from this airport.  My final solo cross country flight was from Scottsdale to Blythe, CA of all places during the middle of the summer no less.  Talk about thermals and a bumpy ride as I came down in altitude.  I learned to fly in Cessna 150s and 172s.  I loved it!  Such freedom but responsibility.  I used to think I wanted to be a corporate pilot but chose a career in art.  And this was a perfect airport to learn to fly at.  They had a Unicom at the time and now they have a Control Tower.  It's quite different now from when I was training there some 40 years ago!      

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  1. You should have a couple of 'em Peggi.

    In Japan they have a designation for special artists as 'living national treasures'. You're one of those.