Saturday, June 1, 2013

Get something going!

I am trying to get organized a very special workshop involving 4 instructors.  It will take place at our home in Angels Camp, CA and the instructors will be Ray Roberts, Al Tofanelli, Carole Grey-Weihman and myself.  End of this July!!  Right around the corner.  For more information go to the Plein Aire Liason website.  I wish I knew how to post the link so you could just "click" on it.  Oh well.  
This workshop should be incredible.  Together we will cover all the fundamentals focusing on teaching our individual strengths.  You will have so much to choose from as subject matter.  My yard will be beautiful with the flowers and manicured lawn.  Trees and views looking out to our pastures available all day.  Plenty of shade to stand under.  We'll have chickens roaming! We will have costumed models and lovely still life set ups.  The whole workshop will be set off with a Sunday evening meet and greet with beverages and snacks and a slide show/lecture with all 4 teachers.  I really hope to make this a once a year event creating a community of painting and sharing.  

Late afternoon model backlit with glowing light.

Costumed models with props and settings.

The arbor in our front yard with a view of the front pasture and rolling hills, mature trees, glowing light.

Settings to inspire.

We have lots of nice views on 20 acres to scout.

Lots of colorful still life set ups with flowers and dishes and linens to work from. 

Meet the team. From left Al Tofanelli,  Ray Roberts, Carole Gray-Weihman and me behind Carole.

One view with the lawn coming in.

There will be flowers blooming.  If you'd like to know more contact Carole Gray-Weihman at Plein Air Liaison.  Feel free to email me also.

There will many opportunities for wonderful picture making during the four days with us. 


  1. looks like great and wonderful fun!

  2. I wish I could be there! Peggi - your workshop was one of the absolute best learning experiences I have had as an artist! If you ever need a testimonial....I'm in! :)