Wednesday, June 5, 2013

While waiting.

First!  I scored an old and wonderful box of watercolor paper cards in the coolest box by Cartiere Miliani Fabriano.  It is perfect for watercolor, gouache or acrylics.  It's a big stack and I just fold them and cut them in half.  Perfect size for me and for the quick small studies I do.  

So Ray and I are still "tag teaming" Pacific Grove.  It was my turn to come home and hold down the fort.  Had to stop and give Auggy a break so we stopped by the herd of dairy cows I have been taking pictures of and thought I'd introduce them.  He wasn't interested but the ladies were very curious!

Yes, they are still around.  They have been modernizing them over the years but this is one of the original U Haul illustrations I did.  I did dozens of cities.  There were three of us who were given the project.  John Kleber, Steve Voita and myself.  

And some dinking around with the gouache and watercolor paper.  Lays down so nicely.

Hence the title of the post.  While waiting outside the doctors office I will walk around and sketch.  Makes me want to do paintings of everyday cars in settings.  Really try and make them part of the landscape and less "the subject". 

And thinking of making some beach paintings from reference I have gathered.  Just thinking of some ideas.  This one is just a start.  Will finish this later.

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  1. That is a long drive back and forth! Looks like you are making it worthwhile though:)

    Boy, I have been admiring those U-Haul designs for years. I had no idea you had designed some of them. Amazing. One of these days I am going to have to drive down there and pick your brain for graphic design/painting info:)

    Be safe on those drives!