Thursday, October 10, 2013

A few moments from our Italy Workshop.

My three amigos!  Al Tofanelli did the translating for us.  So fun to listen to him converse with the locals.  Carole Gray Weihman, really our fearless leader and organizer of this amazing trip.  And my sweet husband Ray Roberts, amazing painter and philosopher.  This was taken at the Plaza del Signoria.  Uffizzi is right around the corner and there is a copy of Michelangelo's "David" in this plaza.

Alfredo Tofanelli, Carole Gray-Weihman & Ray ROberts

Here is Carole setting up her paints outside of our Fiat Van we had for the trip.  This beast was so great!  And man, can she drive this baby.  I made my self a little "X-files" nest in one of the seats and I was a happy camper.  Drove all over Italy in this.

Carole Gray-Weihman

Two great painting buds!  Carole and Lori Putnam.  Lori, you are a painting maniac and do beautiful work!  We are down on the jetty in Peschici.  This town is towards the bottom and on the Adriatic side of the sea.  Hello Croatia!

Carole Gray-Weihman & Lori Putnam

Ok! No kidding, one of the highlights of the trip for me! This was on our field trip to Florence.  One great day! The gals revolted and said "NO" to a long walk to another art museum and instead we viewed the Salvatore Ferragamo Shoe Museum.  On display were the 24kt gold shoes the Queen wore for her Diamond Jubilee.  Sorry for no picture!  Could kick myself.  And THEN on to shopping.  The gals met a suave designer (Phillipe) over lunch in the Plaza and two gorgeous purchases later, well.

"The Troublemakers"

Plein Air Liaison Workshop with Carole Gray-Weihman & Peggi Kroll Roberts

Phillipe had Noreen rocking this amazing leather jacket. 
He even made her switch out her flats for these stilettos and give up
a twirl.  Very chic!

Noreen Coup

Our lodging was perfect in Peschici.  Very efficient.  All soothing white.  That's Ray at our breakfast nook. 

Ray Roberts in Peschici

And we had this amazing view!!!

One of the workshop days was spent in Pienza. I loved this town.  It was the perfect size to explore, paint, shop and not feel overwhelmed.  I think it was a favorite.  Ray is beginning his demo.  We did learn that it is illegal to sit on church steps and eat!?  But right across from this spot was a fantastic cafe.

Carole Gray-Wiehman, Mark Fehlman, Ray Roberts in Plein Air Liaison Italy Workshop

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