Friday, October 11, 2013

A promise to myself.

As my husband Ray can attest to, I have been trying to work through an "inner mess" for two years now.  I may be on the tail end.  Hardly a world crisis though!  I won't allow myself a pity party.  It's just that I am over things.  Maybe it's because I will be 60 next year.  But I can't seem to find another beach painting in me and that's all the galleries hint for.  So, whatever the consequences may be, I will continue to move in my new direction.  I tell students all the time that at some point you have to begin to seek permission from your own self.  Easier said than done.  I give myself permission to begin and grow in new directions.  To jump on that Starship Enterprise and go where Peggi has not allowed herself to go before! 

When painting became a chore!  I went back to drawing.  Just drawing.  

And then came an opportunity from a gallery to participate in a group show that was to keep price points low and maybe help those beginning collectors find something they loved AND could afford.  I have built a strategy for myself that seems to be working and is fair!  I can't send my oils that are
 8"x10" and above.  Those prices have been established and affirmed with sales and auction records.  The only place I can sell smaller oil sketches for less is when someone takes a workshop from me.  It's an "appreciation offer".  Plus they just had to spend 3 or 5 days with me!   So what the galleries don't get from me is my personal "spirit" work.  I can price those at any level.   Below are paintings I did in gouache that are about  5"x 6" in size and beautifully framed.

This little guy is staying with me.  I try to teach that there are opportunities to eek out "5 minutes here, 15 minutes there".  That you can work it into your life no matter how hectic.  I had my set of gouache with me and while waiting for a store to open I jotted down notes of color and shapes of these two vehicles.  Just more mileage.  Have you read Malcolm Gladwell's book 
The Outliers.
I guess it's 10,000 hours now!  


  1. Peggy, I appreciate that you share your life's lessons. I know sometimes we have limitations as artists and at the same time we need to give ourselves permission. I'm looking forward to the direction you will be going and following your progress. I too will be turning 60 next year and I agree that we get to use what we have learned over the years.
    I love your small gauache ladies....

  2. Peggi, you are such a brilliant artist, trust your instincts! It takes courage and faith
    to be an artist, as I'm sure you know.

  3. Really enjoyed reading this Peggy...and I love your work! I too have been 'doing my head in' for the past year about what I really want to do. I have just turned 65. After painting and teaching for the last 20 odd years I don't have the same energy now so am going to paint more for myself...I like to stay connected with my blog and I have one Gallery....plenty to keep me occupied and happy!

  4. I read that Richard Diebenkorn had the same problems when he changed direction, so it appears that you are in good company.