Monday, April 14, 2014

A few demos.

I taught a couple of weeks ago in Palos Verdes, CA and San Diego, CA for two wonderful groups of people.  My demos are pretty quick so as to get the idea across and to get the students painting!  I cannot watch a demo that goes too long!  I get so anxious to paint.  
A good foundation in the fundamentals and understanding them is important HOWEVER to get to your own voice you have got to put the mileage in.  You have to experience those moments where what you say is emerging through your intuition.  

Quiet light and shadow.

The models love these poses!

Simple and clear.  Not much else for me personally to say.


  1. Yes, you do state it simply and clearly. The last two especially are subtle. I'm always messing up the principle of 'anything in the light is a lighter value than anything in the shadow'. I almost think the lighted left field of the second painting is too close to the value of the lighter sleeves in the shadow, but you make that lighted sand warmer, so it works well! Subtle yet so effective.

  2. You're right Judy! A good guideline is "at least not lighter " . For example, we may see a reflected light , lighter than something in shadow. I will keep it at least the same value. I watch for "value interaction" just like in "color interaction". Thanks Judy!

  3. You touch on something I really appreciated about your workshop. The demos were to-the-point and quick and left us time to paint and try it ourselves!