Monday, April 14, 2014

Call me crazy but . . .

Call me crazy but I love these works!  And to continue my confession, I had the chance to go see the Robert Henri show at the San Diego Museum of Art in the gorgeous Balboa Park  AND before entering the rooms with Henri's work I had to go to the Contemporary section first!  I love a good abstract! 
Not all these are abstracts of course.  I responded to many works and many "isms".
And I should have posted a few of Henri's work.  Did you know his last name was actually Cozad.  As in Cozad, Nebraska!  Yes, he was from Nebraska and if you get a chance to read his biography it reads like a TV drama mini series!  

So quiet. ?

Bob Thompson will always be a favorite.  He died too young!

And of course Joan Mitchell.  She did a series of sunflowers that are wonderful.

Huh?  Love it!

I should try some allegorical paintings.  This is a beauty!  Daphne resisting and fleeing Apollo's advances, she is saved by her father when he transforms her into a tree.

And these charming still lives by Mabel Alvarez.  Saw these at the L.A. 
Art Convention.
(Bad photo!)

Just fun!  ?

Exquisite! from all angles. ?

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