Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ray wins the Gold at the California Art Club's 101st Annual Juried Exhibition!

I am so proud of my husband, Ray Roberts.  He knocked himself out on this painting and it won the honor of the Gold Medal.  I wasn't able to be there at the event but our daughter, Alexandra, was there and got to join in the festivities.  She had a blast and said she met so many great people!  Ray was thrilled and is honored to be a member of the California Art Club.

From the Kiln!

I have been taking a ceramics class again this semester at our local junior college.  I love the process of working with slabs.  More organic feeling.  It's always a surprise when they come out of the kiln.  I am still getting to know some of the glazes.  I like the low fire colors to choose from.  Still incorporating the figure which I love so much to draw.