Monday, April 14, 2014

A few demos.

I taught a couple of weeks ago in Palos Verdes, CA and San Diego, CA for two wonderful groups of people.  My demos are pretty quick so as to get the idea across and to get the students painting!  I cannot watch a demo that goes too long!  I get so anxious to paint.  
A good foundation in the fundamentals and understanding them is important HOWEVER to get to your own voice you have got to put the mileage in.  You have to experience those moments where what you say is emerging through your intuition.  

Quiet light and shadow.

The models love these poses!

Simple and clear.  Not much else for me personally to say.

Call me crazy but . . .

Call me crazy but I love these works!  And to continue my confession, I had the chance to go see the Robert Henri show at the San Diego Museum of Art in the gorgeous Balboa Park  AND before entering the rooms with Henri's work I had to go to the Contemporary section first!  I love a good abstract! 
Not all these are abstracts of course.  I responded to many works and many "isms".
And I should have posted a few of Henri's work.  Did you know his last name was actually Cozad.  As in Cozad, Nebraska!  Yes, he was from Nebraska and if you get a chance to read his biography it reads like a TV drama mini series!  

So quiet. ?

Bob Thompson will always be a favorite.  He died too young!

And of course Joan Mitchell.  She did a series of sunflowers that are wonderful.

Huh?  Love it!

I should try some allegorical paintings.  This is a beauty!  Daphne resisting and fleeing Apollo's advances, she is saved by her father when he transforms her into a tree.

And these charming still lives by Mabel Alvarez.  Saw these at the L.A. 
Art Convention.
(Bad photo!)

Just fun!  ?

Exquisite! from all angles. ?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm here!

I am so excited that summer is almost here and that means planting season is right around the corner! My sweet peas are showing blooms!  The strawberries are growing plump and taking over the garden!  I love it.  I will see bees at the bird bath.  I will plant a few more trees.  I'd love to have an olive orchard.  (Orchard or Grove?)  And some goats and, and, and some cows and, and, and some ducks and, and, and some .  .  .
Just not enough  hours to the day.  
This work was painted from life in my last years flower garden. This will be in the Roger's Garden Show down in Corona del Mar, CA.  This show will host 5 women and a body of work in a beautiful home and garden setting.  I hope you can come by.  The dates are
May 10 - July 13, 2014
Roger's Gardens
2301 San Joaquin Hills Rd.
Corona del Mar, CA 92625
(949) 721-2100 ext. 379