Friday, February 28, 2014

I will always love a fluffy dress!

 I love beautiful dresses.  I don't wear them.  I never have.  I would have loved to.  But I love to look and adore.  I imagine myself being 20 again wearing one.  So next best thing is to live through my daughters.  Our son won't wear them either.  Tee Hee!  
I wanted to post these and confess I am neither tortured nor have some angry angst.  I love all things beautiful whether it's clothing, furniture, the way a lawn is manicured or how a blanket is folded over a chair, dishes displayed, laundry neatly piled after folding.  I believe in reference for every task.  This rant went further than just prom dresses!  But sometimes experiences make me feel like I need to apologize for myself and my "provincial tastes".   Man, what brought this on!   I think this all came about from recently checking out the arts district in Culver City, CA.  What a charming and very hip area!  So cool! Young people defining themselves and how they live.  And I felt like a duck out of water. I felt very "out of touch".  I just need to get out of my "cow town" more often.  What a great place to visit!  Now I have work to do to try and be more sophisticated.