Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm back.

 Well,  we've been super busy!  I have taught in Tucson, AZ.  .  .  Emerald Isle, NC.  .  .  Raleigh, NC. .  .  Atlanta, GA.  .  . Santa Barbara, CA  and next stop Paso Robles, CA.  When on the road I love my iPad!  I got the app "Brushes" and it is amazing.  I sketch on it all the time.  I figure out compositions or just play.  By the way, my iPad was a Christmas present from our son, Rex. In fact he got each one of us an iPad.  That's 5 iPads!!  The top sketch I did in Morehead City, NC while sitting in my car eating lunch.  This was the view from the parking lot.  The middle sketch was while Ray was driving. I did sketches of the various cars in front of us!  That and played solitaire.  Bottom sketches are "Memory sketches."  I sketch in the evening from memory, what we did paintings of in the workshop.

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