Thursday, March 21, 2013

Planning a Workshop!

Blogging is a commitment if you want to generate a following.  I know I have certain blogs I follow because I love their content but also because I can count on an interesting post almost everyday.  Keeps me coming back.  Let me post a bit about our home and a few plans.  I want to host a workshop at our home in July.  We have it posted on our website with all the contact info.  It's going to be longer and covering  more information with still life, figure and landscape!  I usually only hold 2 or 3 weekend workshops during the winter.

This is a view of our home from the south part of our pasture.  I love to take the dogs for walks and there are lots of good smells for them!   We have 20 acres to roam and find some wonderful views for painting.  Hey, look at the wildlife!  Just want to give you an idea of some of the landscape.

We live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains just outside a small town called Angels Camp.  We came back to California 15 years ago and love it.  We are only about 2 1/2 hours from San Francisco, Los Gatos and the Sonoma area.  All easy days trips and gorgeous.  We are about 2 hours from the Sacramento Airport.  Now imagine a figure sitting at a table or the arbor in full bloom.
There will be so much to paint!

The flowering plum trees in our front yard are just bursting with pink blossoms.  They are buzzing with bees.  I worry about the state of the bee population.  They seem abundant and happy with the flowering fruit trees we have.  I plant a few trees every year.  

Another view of some or our oaks.  The seasonal creek meanders along.  You'll be able to paint landscape or a beautiful still life set up near our studio.

Yes!  We have six hens.  You can paint them if you want to.  I need to post a pic of them.  Will take a nice one on a sunnier day.  The gray days has its' beautiful qualities also.  We get six of these gorgeous eggs a day.  It's not a formal business but I give eggs to friends and when I pack them I put them in a paper bag with a drawing of a hen setting on a large egg.  They are called "Peg's Eggs" from Good Life Farm.

I am really excited to be planting the acorns from some of our oaks and starting these seedlings to nurture and plant in the front pasture when they get a little bigger.  I've got some small trees that are doing great and over a foot tall!
So this gives you a little idea of our surroundings.  Hope you think about joining us.
: - )

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  1. When I finally return to the states I've love to join you. You home is charming and the environment natural and serene. Right up my alley. For now I'll content myself with looking forward to painting with you in Italy:)