Friday, October 19, 2018


I am talking about how we are inundated with prints.  I mean Giclee on paper, giclee on canvas. Mechanically produced "art".  Will it hold it's value?  Is this a concern to you? There is plenty of God awful "original" work running the streets.  I admit, I'd rather have a poster of a Sargent, Bellows, Park, Sorolla, Matisse, Van Gogh, Klimt, Nolde, Hartley, Mondrian, Modigliani, Porter, Morandi, Mitchell, Pollack, Albers, Picasso, Hopper, Kent, Soyer, Dibenkorn, Homer,   .  .  .  . you get the idea, than "an original piece of shit".

You can acquire posters of master works for a relatively small price, $20 to $30.  What I'm griping             about are sites like One Kings Lane that offer giclees listed as "art" when actually they are over priced mechanically produced prints.  INK ON PAPER.  Prices like $2000!, $1400!, $675.  If the frame is going to cost more than the work then at least search out an artist and buy an original work!
I've had a big company make prints of my cosmetic works, but come on.  When mass produced and depending on size they shouldn't cost more $5 to $100.

And I get it.  You may have champagne taste on a beer budget.  I know I do.  But I look, I research, I have worked to seek out artists I admire and I have been able to acquire some original pieces that I love and believe they will hold their value for under $100.  You say "But I have a big space to fill."  Try a salon style hanging of small works.  It can make as big of an impact as one larger work.

And I want to add a self promotion plug.  Visit my Etsy shop por favor.  I am much more than how the galleries have "cornered" me.  I can't stay in one place and not grow! I list all my hard won from the heart work there. I may not be known for some of the "isms" I explore but it's every bit as important to me as any work that I've placed with a gallery.  And it's only original one of a kind work.


  1. I LOVE ALL YOUR WORK. Wonky, wonderful woman!!

  2. Great colors, and I love the compostion-- always a weak spot for me, especially in still lifes.
    Since I am on The East Coast and unable to take an irl workshop with, I look forward to taking an online one soon. (Missed out on the shapes of the head one!)