Friday, December 21, 2012

Equipment for right outside our studio.

I get asked a lot about my equipment and my favorite set ups.  This is just one.  I love my Julian Half Box Easel.  I leave it set up all the time.  This is a newer one but I've had one for over 30 years and honestly I wouldn't be able to fold it up because one leg is taped.   I can carry this easily all over the yard to spots I like.  I stack and tape the paper palettes to the drawer and store extra paint, panels and turp in the back.  I don't have to run back and forth to the studio if I run out of white!  It's  a classic.  

It's easy to lift and walk around with.  I do have to watch the legs not to get hung up on a bush or some corner of the house or studio.  Not really a problem.

Taping the paper palettes to the drawer keeps the palette from falling off!  

I just carry extra everything in the back part of the easel.  So convenient!

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