Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Just a peek.

I have a lot of artist friends.  Aren't you curious about what their homes look like?  I am.  I think there is a notion that all of us artists live a somewhat eccentric life.  And maybe our homes would reflect that.  Ours is modest and I love our home.  It's about 1400 sq. ft.  The garage is a two car garage but we use it to store everything but cars.  Our studio is a separate building about 50 ft. from our front door.  We have another building that we'd love to turn into a guest house someday.  So how about a peek into our home.

A hallway to the back bedrooms and I use these walls to hang work by artist friends and family.   

One of the bedrooms.  Our smallest one but it works.  Found this great rug.  Look how good Auggie looks on it!   Wish I had matching bed frames.  But there was only one and it is Rock Maple and it was $17!  There are a few decorating blogs I follow.  I would love to intern for someone like Katherine Ireland or Bunny Williams.  I dream of having a "put together" home and some people have an incredible knack.  And we have had to do ours "on a dime" but finding a bargin is a thrill.  Plus we have had to keep in mind (when decorating Ha!)  the three kids, all their friends,  all the pets, living in the country.  Looks like I need to straighten some frames!

This was our sons room.  Now it's a guest room.  But Rex, honey, you know it will always be your room!  Simple.  And look how good Auggie and Benny look on the guest bed!  

This is really my favorite room.

 You can see a nice fire going in the wood stove.  Today it's pretty chilly out and I love to sit in this room and work and keep Ray company while he watches NBA.  The fire gets roaring and keeps us so toasty warm.

You should have seen this kitchen before!!  We have knocked out a few walls in the 15 years we have lived here.  And this was also done "on a dime".  Thank you Lowes.  

Our dining area "slash" command central "slash" scheduling headquarters "slash" conference room!  I hate the light over the table!  Cannot  believe I chose that thing.  Was in a rush, very little to choose from so I settled in a hurry.  Bummer.  Will change that someday soon! 

And I have accents like this all over the place.  I love this bowl.  I bought this while on a trip to Nashville.  My host took me to a "market" where this elderly gentleman and his whole family created these marvelous ceramic works.  I had to have this for $40.  His mother made this piece of art!


  1. Your home is very welcoming! I feel like I could just step in and be comfortable instantly, especially with a warm cup of coffee in front of the fire. :)

  2. I love seeing your home. This is a genius idea - seeing homes of artists. And I just want to settle in that cozy room with a good book. xo Carolyn (Ryden)